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Ysgrifennwyd gan Katie

21 Rhag, 2017

Quiz answers
Thank you to everyone who took part in our quiz and congratulations to Miss Thomas from Newport!

Check out the answers below and see how you did:


1. a) Host b) Kindle
2. Denmark
3. 29th March 1461
4. December
5. George Eliot
6. Rufus
7. Finland
8. Hampshire
9. Malta
10. 168
11. Uruguay
12. February and March
13. Ninian Park
14. Ray Milland

If you missed this quiz, don’t panic! We have another one in our upcoming issue of Melin News, so whether you want to improve on your last score or try your luck for the first time, send in your answers and you could win £25 worth of high street vouchers.

Yn ôl i newyddion