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Over £1350 back into the pockets of one family

A great result by our Money Advice team

Ysgrifennwyd gan Marcus

15 Ion, 2020

Here is another great example of how much our Money Advisors help residents in need. Money Advisor Leslie has been helping a resident who was struggling with rent arrears.

The resident lives with her partner, who has suffered with mental health issues, and a new born baby in a one-bedroom top floor flat. Due to the arrears, it was proving very difficult to secure a move to a more suitable property.

After Les met with the couple and looked at what help was out there, he managed to obtain funding and grants to the tune of £1350. This not only cleared the arrears in their entirety but massively lifted a load of stress from the family. This now means they are in a much better position to apply for and secure a much more suitable two-bedroom home.

Moving forward, our Energy Officers will be working with the family to save them both energy and more money with our energy advice.

What a great result from our awesome Money Advice Team. Message the team today to find out how they can help you.

enquries@melinhomes.co.uk or call 01495 745910.

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