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Residents from Melin & Newport City Homes meet

The Voices and NCH Scrutiny Partnership recently met to discuss the proposed merger

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02 Ebr, 2024

Residents from Melin and Newport City Homes meet

Residents' Group The Voices meet with Newport City Homes' Scrutiny Partnership

Since merger talks were announced back in November last year, our staff teams here and at Newport City Homes (NCH) have been getting to know each other and how each other's organisations work. The process known as ‘Due Diligence’ saw staff in ten workstreams assess the way they all provide services in a bid to see where we do things the same and where there are differences. The aim of this process is to see where we are now – what is the situation ‘as is,’ so that we can then decide the ambitions for the new organisation. The next step is to use this process to inform a business plan and identify where potential improvements can be made.

As the process of Due Diligence ended last week, we took the opportunity for residents from our Voices engagement group and those who sit on Newport City Homes’ Scrutiny Partnership, to meet each other.

They met at Newport City Homes Nexus House offices and the meeting was led jointly by Sharon Wilkins, Director of Housing and Communities at Newport City Homes and Justin Wigmore, Director of Housing at Melin Homes. Sharon and Justin gave residents an update about how the organisations intend to engage with their residents about the merger process.

Central to this customer engagement approach is ensuring that all residents are given the chance to have their say on the Melin Homes/Newport City Homes merger.

The clear message from Justin & Sharon was; “We want to go above and beyond to make sure every Melin and NCH (Newport City Homes) resident has their opportunity to have a say on our merger. We want to raise the bar and take resident consultation on a housing association merger to the next level.”

Both organisations will be writing to all their residents at the end of April with more information on how to give any feedback on what is important to keep, lose or add in the new organisation.

I was very excited to hear just how much thought and focus has gone into making sure the merger has residents’ interests at its core. There is a lot of hard work ahead, but I am excited about the benefits the new organisation can bring to residents of both associations.

David Egan — Melin Voices Group Chair

There are some sound economic reasons for this proposed merger and importantly, we have received assurances that residents will be consulted, involved and updated in a timely manner, throughout this proposed merger process.

Keith Wood — Chair of Newport City Homes Scrutiny Partnership

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