How we are doing

At Melin we aim to continuously improve our services to tenants. We are also keen to be transparent in our performance and how we operate as a business. The documents linked below are separated into various categories:


Accounts (PDF XXkb)

Our annual accounts and financial performance


This is Melin’s full annual Self Evaluation document. Here we set out how Melin meets all its Regulatory Performance Standard expectations.

  • Self-evaluation (Summary) (PDF XXkb)

A summarised version of our Self-evaluation.

Our annual Regulatory Judgement is published for public record following Welsh Government Housing Regulation evaluation of Melin Homes.

This policy sets out Melin’s approach to whistleblowing. It is based on good practice on whistleblowing, is independently verified and is regularly reviewed.

  • Forward Plan/Board dates (PDF XXkb)

This document sets out proposed dates (subject to change) on Board and Committee meetings for period covered.

  • Board/Committee meeting minutes (PDF XXkb)

Minutes from various Board and Committee meetings

  • Chair’s blog (PDF XXkb)


The Satisfaction of Tenants and Residents – Every year we carry out an independent review of tenant satisfaction using the STAR standard methodology. The attach document sets out the most recent survey data along with benchmark position against other Welsh Housing Associations.

  • Social Value Report (PDF XXkb)

This report sets out the Social Value impact of Melins service on tenants and the wider community. The report uses a set of agreed, verifiable metrics for calculating social value.

  • Value for Money (VfM) Statement (PDF XXkb)

Every year we produce a statement on our Value for Money position. Metrics include Social Value, tenant satisfaction, Housemark benchmark returns, procurement efficiencies and… ?

  • Housing Association Comparison Tool (PDF XXkb)

This is a link to the Welsh Government Housing Association Comparison Tool

  • Tenant Survey (PDF XXkb)

This is a link to a sector wider tenant satisfaction survey commissioned by the Regulatory Board for Wales

Melin publishes an annual Gender Pay Gap report. This is monitored through the Melin Remuneration and Terms Service Committee.

Community Housing Cymru (CHC) produce an annual pay transparency report for the Welsh Housing Association sector.

  • Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) statement (PDF XXkb)

Our Environmental, Social and Governance statement.

Our statement relating to General Data Protection Regulations.

Equality and Diversity

  • Equality and Diversity Statement (PDF XXkb)


  • QED Award (PDF XXkb)

Melin embarked on the Quality in Equality and Diversity award with Tai Pawb in 2018.

  • QED Leadership (PDF XXkb)
  • Deeds not words (PDF XXkb)
  • Welsh Language Scheme (PDF XXkb)

Health & Safety

  • Health & Safety Statement